Governor of Poker 2 Free Android App : A Combined RPG and Casual Texas Hold’em Poker Play

Governor of Poker 1Governor of Poker 2 (GOP 2) game app furnishes Android device users with a fun and excellent way to engage in a role-playing game (RPG) while learning how to play Texas Hold’em Poker. The gambling app is Rated 12+, as creator Youda Games provides extensive basic card-play tutorial in the first stage, and on-screen functionalities for helping GOP 2 players make the best decisions about their hand.

The game also combines the elements of RPG, a genre popular to younger set of gamers. Doing so effectively combines the concept of building one’s economic resources and spending for casual gambling within the limits of economic means.

Governor of Poker 2 Game Play

GOP 2 takes off from where the original Governor of Poker game left off. Here, the Texas government has decreed the banning of poker within the state, on the premise that poker is a game of chance and not skill-based. Your mission is to prove otherwise to the Minister of the Texas Gambling Commission. To fulfill such mission, you will take part in Texas Hold’em Poker tournaments held in different cities to demonstrate how your poker playing skill can boost your reputation and increase you financial stature.

Generally, your goal is to win enough money from the various Texas Hold’em tournaments, financially enabling you to buy properties from each location. This free GOP 2 app allows you to enter the first tournament, in the city of Amarillo. Bagging a place as one of the top three finishers in the Amarillo poker event, is a condition you must meet to be able to buy houses in the city. A victory will also lift the travel ban and will therefore allow you to travel by train.

Competing in tournaments in other color-coded cities follows the same rules and conditions as those set in the Yellow Cities. Aside from the tournaments, you can also win money and other important items by playing in local cash games and other points of interests such as those held in the Coalmine and the Gold Mine venues.

Governor of Poker 2 App Features

As mentioned earlier, the first item that the app will present to you is an extensive tutorial about poker basics. The app does a good job, not only of explaining poker terms that you will encounter while playing in the tourneys, but in furnishing tips for deciding how to proceed during the competition.

A click on the Question Mark (?) icon provides a view of the previous hand, of possibilities, and actions to consider.  If you are not sure about the strength of your current hand, clicking on the Info (i) icon instantly furnishes you with illustrations of where you stand in ranking, of the hands that outrank yours, as well as the hands you can beat. Now if you want to practice the art of bluffing to mislead your opponents, clicking on yourself will make you appear displeased with what you have. Other icons are easy enough to discern if you are looking for a way to access certain game features.

A useful tool is the GOP 2 interactive map, which contains a list of other cities to explore. Clicking on each city name presents related information you need to know before joining the tournament; the kind of transport to take, the buy-in fee, the number of players, and the type of Tournament, among other things. However, the free to download Governor of Poker 2 Android app has limitations, as it does not provide you access to other color-coded regions. It would be best to know beforehand that the tournaments in other cities are accessible only via the purchasable version of the GOP 2 Game app.

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