Poker Diary iPhone app Review


There are a lot of different aspects to Poker.  There is the player side, where you focus on how to play, strategy, bluffing, the amount of chips to put on the table, and learning how to read other players antics.  There is the dealer side with proper distribution of cards and knowing the ins and out of the game.  Lastly, there is the bankroll side where you need to understand how multiple bankrolls fit into poker and how to manage them.  The Poker Diary iPhone app is the perfect way to keep track of all that and help enhance your poker playing experience.

With the Poker Diary you can keep track of a variety of different bankrolls and how they associate to the tournaments.  Hold cash games, and multiple transaction order right from this poker app.  You can also get immediate feedback on the status and statistics of either a single bankroll, or for multiple bankrolls all at the same time.  There are also other customization features that allow you to edit and personalize all of your poker tournament parameters.


  • You can keep track of multiple bank rolls to makes sure that all of the chips and cash are accounted for
  • This app allows for you to have live multiplayer rounds as well as managed tournaments
  • You can customize your tournaments and game types as much as you want in the settings tab
  • You can also pick which locations you want to have each of your different games held at
  • You can manage withdrawals and deposits of your online virtual transactions
  • You decide tournament rules, types, the stakes, and payouts for your own poker league
  • The app will do all of your reporting and tracking for the types of games played, locations played at, and also bankrolls at stake
  • You can also get exports for your bankroll on the transactions that were made, the tournaments that were played, and the number of sessions that occurred


The Poker Diary app is a good poker companion to take care of the nitty gritty stuff that nobody wants to have to calculate.  It is great idea to just create an app that can do it for you and still keep track of the game.  If you play a lot of poker and want a good system of keeping track of statistics then you have come to the right place.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone poker app users and can currently be downloaded for $2.99.


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