Poker Friends – Social Texas Hold ‘Em!

Poker Friends, an iOS app, is built around the idea that the classic card game of Texas Hold ‘Em needs to be brought to the twenty-first century. It combines the inherent social atmosphere of a card game with a sleek and modern design implemented flawlessly on Apple products.

Through several different methods, this app allows users to connect with friends and family to play a fun game of cards through their phones. Users can either connect to their social media accounts or can allow the app to connect directly into the users contact list. This allows the user to connect, invite, and play a fun game of cards with their family and friends. In addition, there is an in-game system that allows users to meet and challenge those met within the game itself.

However, that is not the end of the social aesthetics that this app offers its users. Players are encouraged to fill out a profile with a picture of themselves and basic information so opponents can learn about you and hopefully begin new friendships.

The implementation of the game itself is very sleek and modern. Despite the superior graphics of the game, there is very little lag throughout the various animations that are implemented throughout the game, guaranteeing a smooth performance.

The game-play is simplistic and intuitive and parallels a real game of Texas Hold ‘Em with each round. It is simple, with one click of the screen corresponding to either raising, folding, or checking in a round with another player. This beautifully simple design makes the game all the more accessible for a variety of people who you may wish to join in the game, further emphasizing how truly social this game is. Players bet with chips that are acquired within the app.

Aside from the traditional style of poker, this game has achievements, which act as incentives to play the game. Users who follow this path are rewarded with chips, allowing them to participate in more games than users who choose to ignore the achievements. In addition, there is a system of rankings that rate players based on their performance. This is the main goal of each individual user; to get to the top of the leader board to prove their dominance over friends.

Additionally, the game maintains statistics on your play-style throughout your history within the app. While this isn’t a necessary aspect in a poker playing app, it is most definitely a fun trait that this game has! It allows users to follow how they play, possibly mixing up their strategies to come out on top.


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