Poker Hands iPhone app Review


The Poker Hands iPhone app is a great companion for the novice poker player.  In this poker app you will have the opportunity to find out what each hand ranks as far as effectiveness, and also see examples of every possible combination of cards.  You can also see the probability of getting that same kind of hand in a real game.  Not only that, you can also see rules and information on many other variations of poker that you can play with your friends.  You can go from the poker beginner to the master in no time!


  • A comprehensive look at every poker hand possibility that you could create
  • Has a very easy to navigate user interface that includes four main navigation options:  These include the Hand Rankings section, the Rules section, the Poker Glossary, and the Info section
  • The Hand Rankings section will show you all of the poker hands that you could possibly get and then ranks them from the highest to the lowest.  The highest is the Royal Flush and the lowest would just be the possession of the high card in the hand
  • In this section you also get to see a good example of what each kind of hand would look like and you also get mathematical statistics on the probability of getting that same hand
  • The Rules section allows you to go through the rules for hundreds of different card games that are available.  You can learn how to play Omaha hold ’em, RAZZ, Horse, Strip Poker, Texas Hold ’em, Hi Lo games, and many many more
  • The Poker Glossary is a place where you can search anything that has to do with poker.  You can look at all the rules, see what different strategies are, and also learn about top players
  • The info section allows you to change settings and customize the app so that it appeals to you


The Poker Hands app is one of those poker apps that would be considered a little pocket guide on how to play poker.  You may not want to pull this out while you are in a real game so you don’t look like the donkey, but it would be great to pull up after a game so that you know what you can improve on and learn more about what hands are desirable.  For only a buck it’s not a bad investment if you are serious about learning how to play Poker.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone poker app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.

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