Sidewire – News App Review

SidewireSidewire is an exciting new platform for news. It’s not just a single continuous feed that you mindlessly read each day but you’ll become an active part in the various news formats that are threaded throughout the Sidewire app. There’s plenty to love about this unique take on the worn out news formula currently employed by most other news apps. It brings the news alive for you in a way that’s engaging and interactive.

Highlights and Features

– Trends: Sidewire believes that trends are the best way to know what’s going on in the news world today. Trending news is always prominently displayed.

– Newsmakers: Political news coverage is front and center and the people who are sharing news with you handpick it. There’s nothing rehearsed or mechanical about the Sidewire app. It’s human-driven and customizable according to your own reading style.

– Political giants: You’re not getting political news from just any person who decides to open up a Sidewire account. You get leading political news from the people who create the news. This includes journalists, presidential candidates, and political experts that work directly in the industry. You don’t get rumors or questionable opinions about political news that often plagues other news networks.

– Notifications: If you’re an avid consumer of political news coverage, you’ll love the breaking news analysis that comes directly to your phone. You never have to search for important news again because it comes directly to you with no inconvenience to you.

– Likes: If you like something, it can help the story gain more coverage on the site. Unlike other networks that attribute the like to your own account but Sidewire respects the sensitive nature of some stories and allows users to like them anonymously.

There are dozens of other important features that make Sidewire the news app of choice for those who are serious about their political news. Google Play users appreciate the professionalism of the journalists and campaign analysts who participate in this network and adhere to a code of ethics just not exhibited on other less serious news networks. The sophistication of the app continues to make it the app of choice for people who care about the political world that exists in the world today and the ways in which it can make the world a better place through more accurate, responsible news coverage and analysis of important issues.

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