Tic A Tac Poker iPhone app Review


With all of the different poker apps out there, it’s nice to find one that has a little bit of originality.  The Tic A Tac iPhone app uses a unique Tic Tac Toe type of board to let you try and create as many different poker hands as you can.  You can go vertical, horizontal, or diagonally in order to make the best hands.  You can also decide how many discards you would like to be awarded so that you can control the difficulty of the game.  Keep in mind that the less discards you have, the more points you will be awarded.

As you get better at the game you can also get online and check out the online leader boards in order to see where you rank with other players.  You can also post comments, make friends, upload pictures, and do much more.


  • You can pick discard option of 6, 4, 2 or none at all to play the classic mode
  • The less discards you have, the more points you can earn in a single game
  • Learn the basics of poker, and then play to your heart’s content
  • There is a simple chip system so you can keep track of how much money you make (or lose)
  • Learn how to bluff, when to go all in, how to up the stakes, and so much more
  • Get a full house, two of a kind, three of a kind, small straight, large straight, or even a royal flush in order to beat out your other opponents
  • Very similar to all of the other poker games out there including Texas Holdem, 5 Card Poker, and many others
  • Played in a tic tac toe style board where you try and make as many 3 or 5 card poker hands as possible
  • Your discards can be used from anywhere on the tic tac toe board
  • Try to make hands going vertically, diagonally, or horizontally
  • There is also an online leaderboard so you can see where you fit in among the other Tic Tac Poker players
  • You can customize your profile online, or add a variety of other photos, comments, and videos


Not a bad poker game.  Does a good job of awarding more points for less discards which makes the game that much harder.  The Tic Tac Toe setup is a nice feature that sets it apart from other Poker Games and makes it worth playing.  Overall, not a bad iPhone app to check out.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone poker app users and is currently free to download.

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