Poker Analytics 4 Is A Tracker and Bankroll Manager in One

For all of the virtual poker players out there, Poker Analytics 4 is a mobile application that packs a powerful punch. The basis of the Poker Tracker has been available for quite some time, but this latest version offers features and functionality that has been lacking to this point. That is why tens of thousands of players around the globe have already turned to it for their smartphone and tablet assisted needs. This latest Version (4) of Poker Analytics is also available for use on the Apple Smart Watch, which is an added bonus for many players.

The main objective of this application is to permit players to both track and analyze all of their poker game results. It also enables users to record their hands and manage their bankroll. It does this by offering up to the minute statistics related to both cash and tournament games. The newest version of this app also provides comprehensive evolution and comparison charts. In fact, it is the first ever analytical tool that can illustrate how much of an impact poker playing has on a person’s sleep and physical activity. This feature is particularly useful on the Apple Watch, as it effectively works in the background.

For players who desire to take a look at their hands for a period of time after a game is complete, Poker Analytics 4 offers the option to record hands. It also has a specially designed hands history keyboard that is available in all of the applications that a user makes use of. There is a bankroll and currency management system than allows for the seamless analysis of winning across a variety of monetary denominations and systems. Players can take notes in real time, and to meet the unique needs of each individual there are customizable fields available for those that wish to make use of them.

Poker Analytics 4 is available in two formats: Free and via a paid subscription. The free version limits users to 15 sessions, while the paid annual subscription will give players unlimited session tracking. All of the other features in the app are available free of charge. As mentioned, Poker Analytics 4 is available on the iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch.

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