Texas Poker Holdem on Andriod

In 2016 you don’t have to drive to Texas to hold them cards and to rally up bucks! Nor do you have to drive to Vegas to gamble and place your bets. There is a new place to visit. There is a new place to see! And this is Texas Poker Holdem. Texas Poker Holdem is not just an online casino where dollars can be won, but it is a virtual world where real players, real dealers, and real games, reap real profits and enriching rewards.

In the 21st century, your local casino is not in the next city, on a reservation, or down the street, but it is on an Android phone, tablet, computer or MAC device. Playing online games for entertainment is fun. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, GTA, Call of Duty, and of course any Mario Brothers game, is a trend that consumes over 60% of Americans time. So, if so many are spending time playing for fun why not spend time playing for profits? Online gambling in 2016 has the same benefits and more than traveling to your local casino. Today right from your Android phone millions can be won with a simple gambling app called Poker House Texas Holdem 1.9.

The app was developed on April 4, 2014, by WILDEC LLC. The file size is 31M and requires an Android 2.1 and up to operate. The interactive app is a virtual platform where players are winning millions. Here a player will find some of the best poker tables and partners from all over the world who are high rollers and among the pros in the gambling world. There is nothing sterile or generic about Poker House coming to life on your Android Phone. The graphics are vivid and lively. There is a large user interface, and this high volume interactive app takes playing with others to another level in the online world.

Start playing today and receive 20,000 free chips. Register today and earn another 20,000 chips. We at Poker House know that what makes good gambling fun, is you the player, so we offer many perks to our members. Some of these awesome incentives include, daily bonuses, a venue to meet new friends, online chat for active interaction, Sit n Go shoot out tournaments, tables for five or nine players, quick emoticon during live play to see how your teams or competition are reacting as you play, friend rankings to know your standing among others, and let’s not forget you get free chips for every achievement.

At Poker House, our goal is to have happy and excited players. We want you to come back to our app on your Android phone daily. We at Poker House want users to be happy for choosing our online venue.

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