Poker Analytics 4 Is A Tracker and Bankroll Manager in One

For all of the virtual poker players out there, Poker Analytics 4 is a mobile application that packs a powerful punch. The basis of the Poker Tracker has been available for quite some time, but this latest version offers features and functionality that has been lacking to this point. That is why tens of thousands of players around the globe have already turned to it for their smartphone and tablet assisted needs. This latest Version (4) of Poker Analytics is also available for use on the Apple Smart Watch, which is an added bonus for many players.

The main objective of this application is to permit players to both track and analyze all of their poker game results. It also enables users to record their hands and manage their bankroll. It does this by offering up to the minute statistics related to both cash and tournament games. The newest version of this app also provides comprehensive evolution and comparison charts. In fact, it is the first ever analytical tool that can illustrate how much of an impact poker playing has on a person’s sleep and physical activity. This feature is particularly useful on the Apple Watch, as it effectively works in the background.

For players who desire to take a look at their hands for a period of time after a game is complete, Poker Analytics 4 offers the option to record hands. It also has a specially designed hands history keyboard that is available in all of the applications that a user makes use of. There is a bankroll and currency management system than allows for the seamless analysis of winning across a variety of monetary denominations and systems. Players can take notes in real time, and to meet the unique needs of each individual there are customizable fields available for those that wish to make use of them.

Poker Analytics 4 is available in two formats: Free and via a paid subscription. The free version limits users to 15 sessions, while the paid annual subscription will give players unlimited session tracking. All of the other features in the app are available free of charge. As mentioned, Poker Analytics 4 is available on the iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch.

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Review of Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em

Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em has always been one of the top downloaded apps in the market. In fact, its creator, Zynga, has been creating games for years and has some of the most successful apps out there. Because of this, you can be sure that Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em stands true to what it is and what it is able to offer to its players. While you can’t play for real money or cash prizes, you can have fun playing alone, with computer players or against others around the world who share the same interest as you do in the game.

Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em is available on almost all Android devices and only takes a few seconds to download. It can be played on both smartphones and tablets, allowing for customized game play that you are sure to enjoy. You can either play casually as you see fit or whenever you want or you can join competitive tournaments and compete against friends and people from all over the world. The game offers so many amazing features that it is difficult to stop playing once you get going. Many people have commented how addictive the game can be when played on a routine basis.

You can also customize your own board and game play, making the poker experience all your own when playing Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em. This is something that you simply cannot find or get with any other poker app that is out there. Plus, you are playing the world’s most-played poker app so you can be sure that there are plenty of other people who are going to be playing at the same time as you. This makes it easy and quick to be matched up with someone who is looking to start a game.

Now that you know the basics of Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em, it is time to download it and give it a try. The download is free and there are several in-app purchased that you can make if you are at all interested. Once you begin playing Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em, you will find that this is the game for you. You can even win free diamonds with the daily bonus that is available to those who log on every single day. Now that you know why so many people are currently playing Zynga Poker Classic Texas Hold Em, it is any wonder why you are waiting to play yourself. This is a wonderful game to get into and one that has literally taken the world by storm because of its base of over a million players who are all worldwide.

Texas Poker Holdem on Andriod

In 2016 you don’t have to drive to Texas to hold them cards and to rally up bucks! Nor do you have to drive to Vegas to gamble and place your bets. There is a new place to visit. There is a new place to see! And this is Texas Poker Holdem. Texas Poker Holdem is not just an online casino where dollars can be won, but it is a virtual world where real players, real dealers, and real games, reap real profits and enriching rewards.

In the 21st century, your local casino is not in the next city, on a reservation, or down the street, but it is on an Android phone, tablet, computer or MAC device. Playing online games for entertainment is fun. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, GTA, Call of Duty, and of course any Mario Brothers game, is a trend that consumes over 60% of Americans time. So, if so many are spending time playing for fun why not spend time playing for profits? Online gambling in 2016 has the same benefits and more than traveling to your local casino. Today right from your Android phone millions can be won with a simple gambling app called Poker House Texas Holdem 1.9.

The app was developed on April 4, 2014, by WILDEC LLC. The file size is 31M and requires an Android 2.1 and up to operate. The interactive app is a virtual platform where players are winning millions. Here a player will find some of the best poker tables and partners from all over the world who are high rollers and among the pros in the gambling world. There is nothing sterile or generic about Poker House coming to life on your Android Phone. The graphics are vivid and lively. There is a large user interface, and this high volume interactive app takes playing with others to another level in the online world.

Start playing today and receive 20,000 free chips. Register today and earn another 20,000 chips. We at Poker House know that what makes good gambling fun, is you the player, so we offer many perks to our members. Some of these awesome incentives include, daily bonuses, a venue to meet new friends, online chat for active interaction, Sit n Go shoot out tournaments, tables for five or nine players, quick emoticon during live play to see how your teams or competition are reacting as you play, friend rankings to know your standing among others, and let’s not forget you get free chips for every achievement.

At Poker House, our goal is to have happy and excited players. We want you to come back to our app on your Android phone daily. We at Poker House want users to be happy for choosing our online venue.

DragonPlay Poker App Review

Technology has provided innovation in many fields of modern life. This includes the way we play games. Mobile phones and other digital technology have created a new platform for users to participate in recreational gambling.

DragonPlay is a popular online gaming company that operates many different types of games and makes them available to users online. DragonPlay is known for their slots games but is currently branching out to introduce a new game onto the market.

The DragonPlay Poker App claims to be the most realistic game of classic Texas Hold’em you can find online. Be sure to check player reviews to see how much others enjoyed the game. DragonPlay Poker functions as an app which can be downloaded onto a user’s Android, smartphone, or iOS device. It can also be played on the computer via Facebook. This new technology allows for players to play the game in the comfort of their home or while on the move through the use of mobile devices. However, it does more than that. Digital technology allows DragonPlay to connect players with each other. While slot games are played against a computerized a set of odds, DragonPlay Poker pits players against one another in real time competition. It is the closest you can get to an in person poker experience without leaving your home and traveling to a Casino. The game even offers rankings to appeal to those players with a competitive streak in them.

The live chat feature is a box on the screen that allows players to communicate with each other to encourage a friendly atmosphere and simulate real, personal interaction. Players can personalize their avatars to suit their own style and regular players receive daily gold bonuses. For new players there is even a guide on how to play located at Dragon Play’s web site. It lists the articular solve the game and the locations of important buttons and symbols on the screen. DragonPlay offers tech support services and a helpful staff of two help users deal with any technical problems that may arise while they are playing the game.

But the game is easy to purchase and download making it an ideal addition to your archive of apps. Once downloaded, simply sign on to DragonPlay’s website and purchase your chips. These will allow you to play the game.

Enjoy online gaming from the comfort of your own home and bring back some winnings. It is a safe, easy, and fun way to gamble.

Poker Friends – Social Texas Hold ‘Em!

Poker Friends, an iOS app, is built around the idea that the classic card game of Texas Hold ‘Em needs to be brought to the twenty-first century. It combines the inherent social atmosphere of a card game with a sleek and modern design implemented flawlessly on Apple products.

Through several different methods, this app allows users to connect with friends and family to play a fun game of cards through their phones. Users can either connect to their social media accounts or can allow the app to connect directly into the users contact list. This allows the user to connect, invite, and play a fun game of cards with their family and friends. In addition, there is an in-game system that allows users to meet and challenge those met within the game itself.

However, that is not the end of the social aesthetics that this app offers its users. Players are encouraged to fill out a profile with a picture of themselves and basic information so opponents can learn about you and hopefully begin new friendships.

The implementation of the game itself is very sleek and modern. Despite the superior graphics of the game, there is very little lag throughout the various animations that are implemented throughout the game, guaranteeing a smooth performance.

The game-play is simplistic and intuitive and parallels a real game of Texas Hold ‘Em with each round. It is simple, with one click of the screen corresponding to either raising, folding, or checking in a round with another player. This beautifully simple design makes the game all the more accessible for a variety of people who you may wish to join in the game, further emphasizing how truly social this game is. Players bet with chips that are acquired within the app.

Aside from the traditional style of poker, this game has achievements, which act as incentives to play the game. Users who follow this path are rewarded with chips, allowing them to participate in more games than users who choose to ignore the achievements. In addition, there is a system of rankings that rate players based on their performance. This is the main goal of each individual user; to get to the top of the leader board to prove their dominance over friends.

Additionally, the game maintains statistics on your play-style throughout your history within the app. While this isn’t a necessary aspect in a poker playing app, it is most definitely a fun trait that this game has! It allows users to follow how they play, possibly mixing up their strategies to come out on top.


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Mega Poker Texas Holdem for Tablet

What better way to become an expert at Texas Holdem than actually playing with real people? Mega Poker Texas Holdem offers just that.

With three different poker types to choose from (No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Fixed-Limit) it’s easy to find a game that suits your comfort level. You’ll be competing in real-time, with real people, all over the world. And the best part? You will receive up to 1 million chips, free, everyday! How could you say no when the odds stack so high in your favor?

Play poker anytime, anywhere, with anyone. With the app’s new “connect to Facebook” feature, it’s never been easier to play with your friends. Hone your skills before that big trip to Las Vegas, or maybe play a friendly match to get ready for poker night. The choice is yours, and the options are endless.

Perfect for even the seasoned player just looking for some practice. Mega Poker Texas Holdem is the perfect way to make sure you’re keeping a good poker face. Edge of your seat matches make sure you’re playing your best, every time. With Mega Poker Texas Holdem in your back pocket, you’ll never go into a game rusty. Keep your poker skills up to the level you know you can play at.

Texas Holdem has never been easier or more fun. If you can’t claim the pot for yourself, you’re not playing! Watch yourself rise through the ranks and earn achievements. Make friends anywhere in the world, and then take their chips. Never again worry about whether you’re ready for the table in real life. Put yourself in the winning circle, and you’ll have a blast while doing it.

The game has an easy to use design. The online community is helpful and never intimidating. Avoid downloading another time-wasting unstable poker game that just takes up valuable space. You’ll soon find yourself winning hands with ease playing Mega Poker Texas Holdem. Bet with confidence, learn to bluff, when to fold, and call your opponent’s bluff. Sit down at the table as a beginner, and leave the table as a seasoned expert.

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Poker Hands App Review

Poker HandsPoker is more than a game of cards. It is a game of strategy. It is about reading other people, understanding your opponent and anticipating their moves. People who play poker have intimate knowledge and they are able to think critically about their situation and assess what they might do. They are capable of acting under pressure, when the stakes are high. In this way, maneuvering through poker and becoming an expert affects other aspects of your life. But learning how to play poker effectively is not easy. The innovative Poker Hands App will guide you through the process.

Good Or Bad Hand?
If you are new to the game, you might have a bit of trouble assessing whether you have a good hand. You might be able to recognize that you have a valuable good card or two. But a card is only valuable if the hand is valuable. You need to be able to assess the overall hand to proceed in a game of poker. The Poker Hands app will help you to do that. It will assess whether a hand is valuable for you. You will know whether you should place a high bet or not.

Next Move
Should you fold or pursue the jackpot during this hand? That is a difficult question to answer, and it is often one that must be answered in a high pressure scenario. Poker is very much about probability. What is the probability that your hand is of greater value than that of your opponent? If the odds are in your favor, then you should pursue the jackpot. If they are not, you should fold. Poker Hands will educate you in this regard. It will teach you what the wisest move will be given a particular hand.

Learn The Game
While some beginners may boast of a bit of luck as they are dealt their first hand, that luck often does not endure. If you want to learn how to play poker, you cannot rely on luck. You cannot hope that you receive a good hand. Rather, you need to learn the intricacies of the game. That education can prove a little expensive, as you continue to place bets and lose money. But if you use Poker Hands, you will learn how to play poker without placing high-value bets.

Not Only For Beginners
While Poker Hand can teach the beginner to learn to play the game, it has the depth to accommodate even the most accomplished poker player. If you have been playing for your entire life, you must acknowledge that there is always more that you can learn. There are a lot of probabilities of which you may have never considered. Further, perhaps you just enjoy the game of poker and would like to spend time considering it. Poker Hand has features that are both entertaining and enlightening. It ranks all poker hands, and displaying the Ten Best and Ten Worst hands.

VIP Poker – App Review

VIP PokerVIP Poker is a Texas Hold Em app that lets you play the most popular version of poker in the world on your phone. Texas Hold Em has become extremely popular with help from the World Series of Poker, and the World Series of Poker has influenced the style of the game. VIP Poker lets you sit down to a table that has up to nine players, and you will play live with everyone. This article explains how VIP Poker gives you a genuine experience without any of the hang-ups of playing against software.

Play Against Real People

Every game in VIP Poker is played against real people on their phones or tablets. You will play every player at Texas Hole Em in a live game at the table, and you will compete through the app until your every hand is complete. You may stay in a game for as long as you like, or you may fold after one hand. VIP Poker helps you have a real poker experience without going into a casino at any time.

You are not required to play the software when you log in to the app, and you may find your friends when you log on. There is a chat feature in the app that allows you to chat with your friends as you play, and you may search for your friends when you want to play. Every table is filled with people who are playing live on their phones, and you need not worry about keeping your poker face.

VIP Poker Lets You Play at Your Pace

VIP Poker lets you play at your own pace with people who are on your level. You may play the game against people who are as skilled as you, and you may test yourself against players who are better than you as you improve. Your improvement as a poker player is dependent on your willingness to change to a new table when the time is right.

You may download VIP Poker on your phone, and you will find a table that is perfect for your skill level and desire to play. You may log on at any time to play Texas Hold Em with your friends, and you may use the chat feature to make new friends as you play. Every player at VIP Poker receives the full Texas Hold Em experience.

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Sidewire – News App Review

SidewireSidewire is an exciting new platform for news. It’s not just a single continuous feed that you mindlessly read each day but you’ll become an active part in the various news formats that are threaded throughout the Sidewire app. There’s plenty to love about this unique take on the worn out news formula currently employed by most other news apps. It brings the news alive for you in a way that’s engaging and interactive.

Highlights and Features

– Trends: Sidewire believes that trends are the best way to know what’s going on in the news world today. Trending news is always prominently displayed.

– Newsmakers: Political news coverage is front and center and the people who are sharing news with you handpick it. There’s nothing rehearsed or mechanical about the Sidewire app. It’s human-driven and customizable according to your own reading style.

– Political giants: You’re not getting political news from just any person who decides to open up a Sidewire account. You get leading political news from the people who create the news. This includes journalists, presidential candidates, and political experts that work directly in the industry. You don’t get rumors or questionable opinions about political news that often plagues other news networks.

– Notifications: If you’re an avid consumer of political news coverage, you’ll love the breaking news analysis that comes directly to your phone. You never have to search for important news again because it comes directly to you with no inconvenience to you.

– Likes: If you like something, it can help the story gain more coverage on the site. Unlike other networks that attribute the like to your own account but Sidewire respects the sensitive nature of some stories and allows users to like them anonymously.

There are dozens of other important features that make Sidewire the news app of choice for those who are serious about their political news. Google Play users appreciate the professionalism of the journalists and campaign analysts who participate in this network and adhere to a code of ethics just not exhibited on other less serious news networks. The sophistication of the app continues to make it the app of choice for people who care about the political world that exists in the world today and the ways in which it can make the world a better place through more accurate, responsible news coverage and analysis of important issues.

Poker Shark – Poker App Review

Poker SharkDo you have the passion of a victor, the eye of a hawk and the intuition of a genius? Are you a pro at turning luck in your favour? Do you have the willpower to contest with the world in games that join karma with instinct? Bringing to you the ultimate poker experience, Poker Shark is now Plarium’s most gigantic project and offers you a casino that you can carry around in your very hands. Offering an interaction with players all around the globe, the digital deck of cards in your cell phone help you to sign up for not just any poker games, but for the actual Hold’em tournaments held on a weekly basis.

Plarium has long defied the national boundaries that construct the world map, connecting players regardless of where they live. Poker Shark takes this global village concept one step further: the game features a live chat facility for the players to not only play but actually interact with one another socially. Up to 9 players are welcomed at a single table and with an estimated 20,000,000 players already registered, the game has generated tons of traffic and popularity.

Hands down, Poker Shark is an appealing game with flickering bright lights and attention catching tunes and soundtracks. However, just like the real poker, it is not a piece of cake, nor does Plarium intend it to be. Registration is simple enough and is self-guided after downloading the game. Once you enter into the game, however, it is a showdown. Strategize your way around other players, and grow up from being a goldfish to a shark at the most famous casino game throughout the world, virtual or not. It is no wonder that the app hit a 3.9-star rating out of 5, and a 58% glorious feedback. 10% of the users reported a positive conclusion, if somewhat cautiously. The app continues to grow and lionize its way around the PlayStore. Once you get into it, you never want to get out of it. Poker Shark gives you some intense minutes of life and energizes you to core. Plarium has done it again.