Privacy Policy Terms:

POKER APPS offers its users plenty of content that comes in different forms. All of this content belongs to POKER APPS and it has the right to modify it or remove any of it whenever it sees fit. This is done in order to update the content and make sure that it is up-to-date since the industry is an ever-changing one.

The information that users will provide to POKER APPS are stored and secured. The users can rest assured that their data is safe through the utilization of advanced protection systems and firewalls. The information that the users will be asked to provide throughout their stay at the website includes first name, physical address, a chosen username, a last name and email address.

The users who wish to make purchases through the website will be asked to supply the website with more information such as billing address and banking details including their credit card number.

POKER APPS assures its users that their data will never be sold or shared with third parties. The website will only share them with subsidiaries and affiliated websites. This will enable POKER APPS to offer its customers certain services such as technical support among others.

The only case in which POKER APPS will have to reveal its users’ information is when a legal authority approaches the website according to the law.

All of the terms that are listed above can be changed at any time and the website can do that without having to notify the users or make any announcements. This change can include the removal of entire terms and the addition of new ones. It can also include modifications to any of the existing terms.

Once the users open the website for any reason, it means that they are immediately approving all of the terms that are listed above.

POKER APPS’s Terms of Service:

– The website provides different forms of informative content that will aid users in their research purposes. This content is the property of the website only. This is why the content can be altered at any time by the website and at its own discretion. This is because of the changing nature of the industry, which pushes the website to change the content to be updated with the industry. The website can publish content such as casino articles and casino reviews for other websites in exchange for money.

– The website does not condone any kind of cookie usage on any of the pages of the website. On the other hand, the website is not responsible for the use of cookies on external websites and 3rd party websites that it can offer links to. Once the users click on the links in order to head to these external websites, POKER APPS will not be responsible for these users. The external websites can use cookies and they can provide the users with harmful content.

– POKER APPS will not be held accountable for breaching the laws & regulations of the different jurisdictions, this is because the responsibility of abiding and viewing the different regulations is the responsibility of its users and not POKER APPS’s.

All of the mentioned terms can be edited at any given time and POKER APPS can do that without having to notify any of the users before or even after the change takes place. This change can include the modification of simple terms as well as major terms. It can also include the deletion of terms and the addition of new ones.

Once the users open the website, it means that they approve of all of these terms unconditionally.