Poker Club iPhone app Review


The most powerful part of this poker app is its ability to let you manage and run your own poker tournament.  In the Poker Club iPhone app you will have the options and the features to host your own tournaments and keep track of all of your players and contacts.

Many times, when you try and host a poker game it can be distracting and complicated.  This app allows you keep tight control over the games and even set your own custom rules if you like.  The game includes other fun features such as the ability to count and cash in chips, optimize the seats, see statistics of all the members in your league, and even lets you email players their game scores for the night.


  • This is a very fast paced game and comes with multiple different alarms that are controlled by a dynamic timer
  • This game can be synchronized with all of your contacts so that you have all of their information ready and accessible with the touch of a button
  • You can customize your poker games and tournament as much as you would like; change the rules and set different buy ins
  • Has a built in calculator that will keep track of chip and cash counts to see who is raking in the most dough
  • When you are in the process of launching it will preserve the state inbetween
  • As you create and manage your league the app will keep track of everyone’s statistics and let you know who the tournament leaders are
  • After each game you can have the app mail the game results to each of the different participants
  • The game will automatically optimize all of the tables and all of the accompanying seats
  • You can track all of your moves and the app will keep track on knockouts
  • You can keep the default tournament settings and enjoy a professional tournament structure for all of the players involved


You are essentially joining a large poker community when you download this app. You will have access to different leagues, tournaments and exhibition matches with other players.  You can add friends and update contact lists so you can continue to play with your favorite players.  This is a good way to pass the time with other friends that share your passion of poker.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $19.99 to download.

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