Poker Live!

Poker Live!Poker Live! for iPhone is a fun live poker app that lets you play free Live Texas Hold’em Poker. The Poker Live! application has over 1,000,000 downloads, making it a preferred poker app by iPhone users. Finding live players and plenty of open tables is a breeze, there are many options and who doesn’t live options? This app can provide hours of fun, with a clean look and smooth graphics, you are sure to love this game. There are multiple buy-in levels, and no limit tables for you to choose from. This app is not only great for beginners, it offers the same excitement and fun for seasoned players who are looking to get in on the fun and entertainment that Poker Live! provides so well. No matter what skill level you have, there will be a suitable table. So whether you are a professional poker player or a beginner who wants to learn, you will enjoy this app as it has enough features to keep a broad range of players entertained. Fun was never this easy, all you need is your iPhone and you are good to go. What you will be amazed with is the simplicity and ease of use. The app is super easy to use.

Poker Live! has amazing features you will enjoy. You are able to play phone Poker with your friends, even if they live on the other ride of the world. You can not only search for your friends, you can also sign up using Facebook and are able to see your friends that enjoy Poker Live! Please note that a Facebook account is by no means a requirement but more of an option for you. Just by downloading the fame you will receive 5,000 chips, a great way to build your chips stash and get you to a table right away. Just by playing every day you will receive 1,000 chips. An awesome feature is the option to buy more chips, for example, 200k chips will cost you $2.99, this is the lowest option, and the highest option is 10 million chips for $49.99. The best value however is $14.99 for 2million chips. Another great feature is the ability to search for your friends and join their table, and even if you lose all your chips while going all-in, you can borrow from your friend or buy chips as an in app purchase. Even if you hate your table and feel that the players there are more seasoned than you are, you can easily switch out onto another table. Cool features like the chat showing you the latest table winnings and results will make you appreciate the app creators, because they clearly built this app with you in mind.

Poker Live! Is the one app that will keep you coming back and back again, it offers free fun and the ability to buy more fun if you got unlucky. What happens in Poker Live! Is up to you. Whether you catch a straight or you bluffed the table the whole time you are sure to have some fun with this app. You cannot get away to Vegas every day, although that would be nice, however this app will distract you from everyday stress, while offering you and your friends an exciting game. The design is subpar, the tables run very smoothly, all of this makes it a keeper on your iPhone. Sure there are many apps out there that at promise similar things, but until you try Poker Live! then you will really see why it is the preferred one. Go ahead and try it, you won’t regret it.

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