World Series of Poker App Review

World Series of PokerThe World Series of Poker has long been the pinnacle of the gambling world. Millions of dollars hinge on the decision of every single hand and this makes for an event worth watching. Only a few will ever be able to play and risk so much. For the rest of us, games at home with our friends are the only way we can become king of the table. But this app allows us to let loose and have fun. Playing against other people is the best way to play poker, and playing against people we don’t know adds to the excitement. The joy of the game results not from the actual wagers, as no one really loses anything but digital chips with no actual monetary value, but from the unpredictability of it.

Poker is a game that thrives on mystery and the unknown. Distrust and bluffing are what generate the adrenaline rush of playing a hand and the ability to bluff at the right time is what separates the players from the losers. With its interactive interface, World Series of Poker provides an official app that allows users to replicate the exact poker experience without compromising on the number games they have access to. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and various other games can be played through the app from any location provided you have access to Wi-Fi.

Other players are ranked according to wins and losses, so you will be sure to play someone who will push you and make it exciting to play, and not chumps who bet big and lose easily (even though they are very fun to play).

One of the best features of the app is the tournament feature. Most apps do have tournaments, but this one takes it to the next step. Multiple major poker cities such as Sydney, Atlantic City, Paris, Tokyo, London and Las Vegas are replicated giving the player a sense that they are playing at the top of the world. These tournaments can also become very high stakes events and the online aspect allows you to put your reputation on the line.

It genuinely feels like you are participating in the world series of poker without having to risk losing a large portion of your own money. This is something that no other app can match, and definitely what makes this app such a huge hit. Additionally, the app allows you to receive chip prizes every four hours.

Where other apps usually make you wait days for free chips or even make you pay for them, this app is generous enough to literally give them away frequently enough to allow you to consistently play the game without worrying about running out of chips and having to shut down for a day. The app wants you to play. Furthermore, the leaderboard system means you are competing against people around the world for a top rank. This thrill means you will want as many chips as you can get your hands on, and the chip reward that comes from inviting your friends to play is definitely a way to ensure the app makes its way around the world.

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